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2022 Simbrah and Commercial Bull Pre-Weaning Sale Guidelines as of 4 July 2022

The weanling bull sale guidelines below are only intended to set expectations so that both parties involved can benefit from this sale format. We've done the best we can to cover different questions and issues that we've run into in the past, both as the seller and as the buyer, but if we think of something else that needs to be covered, we reserve the right to change any of these guidelines and/or the selling price and the deposit required. Any changes to the guidelines would only apply to sales after the date of the change. Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to working with you on your selection.

1. We are selling choice of 2022 Simbrah bulls for $1500 each and commercial bulls for $1250 each. A $250 deposit is required to hold your choice as a bull to be picked up after weaning. We do fenceline weaning to reduce stress on the calves and their mothers and recommend you leave your calf at least one week after the weaning date if possible.

2. Calves are expected to weigh between 550 - 700 pounds at weaning but there is no guarantee of that. Our Simbrah bull calves born in March and April are usually around 620 - 650 pounds when we wean in October. We do not creep feed calves but they will be out on the best quality grass we have available and they and their mothers will have access to minerals and protein tubs. Calves will be weaned sometime in late September or early October. If you wish to pick up your calf earlier, that can be arranged but there will be an additional $50 charge unless your pickup date coincides with a day we are already working the cows for some reason or another.

3. All calves are registered with the American Simmental Association unless identified as "commercial", including those sired by Beefmaster bulls (bulls are registered with ASA as foundation animals).

4. Calves can stay at Pine Valley Farm at no additional charge until 14 days after the actual weaning date (may be extended longer at our convenience).

5. We encourage buyers to come see the calves in person. We will get additional pictures as requested if we get a chance but we do not have a lot of time in the summer since we also bale hay.

6. Most if not all remaining bull calves will be castrated no later than two weeks before weaning. If you have put down your deposit and change your mind on which calf you want, you can choose any other remaining bull calf at no additional charge at any time prior to pick-up but once they are castrated, their future is decided.

7. If you are not pleased with the bull calf you selected when you come to pick it up, you are not obligated to take the calf you originally selected. You can choose any other available bull or steer calf in its place. If you choose not to take any calf, we cannot refund your deposit since that money will be used to cover the additional expense of getting the vet out for another trip to castrate the bull calf you selected originally.

8. All calves will receive two rounds of calfhood vaccinations prior to weaning.

9. All calves will receive the same health care that any of our own retained calves will receive at no charge to the future owner. If the calf you select is injured or becomes seriously ill, you may select another available calf or your deposit will be refunded in full.

10. Calves will be too young for a breeding soundness exam at weaning. While we do not expect there to be any issues with any of these calves, there are no guarantees associated with these calves with regard to breeding soundness/libido/etc.

11. We cannot deliver calves. Buyers must pick up or arrange for hauling.

Purebred Simbrah Bulls

Loading photo of #042...


PB Simbrah Bull b. 27 February 2022

(PVF Choice Resonance 710 - PVF Cinnamon Dolly 707)

2 1/2 months old in photo

Loading photo of #073...


PB Simbrah Bull b. 7 March 2022

(RX Cinnamon - PVF Choice Ember 054)

2 months old in photo

Loading photo of #243...


PB Simbrah Bull b. 25 March 2022

(PVF Graduate Alvin 811 - PVF Choice Scarlet 842)

1 1/2 months old in photo

Simbrah x Angus Bulls

Loading photo of #041..


Simbrah Bull b. 20 February 2022

5/8 SM 1/4 BR 1/8 AN

(ZZ Mr Black Diamond E862 - PVF Choice Elvira 716)

2 1/2 months old in photo

Loading photo of #039...


Simbrah Bull b. 22 February 2022

5/8 SM 1/4 BR 1/8 AN

(ZZ Mr Black Diamond E862 - PVF Harpers Choice 748)

2 1/2 months old in photo

Loading photo of #058...


Simbrah Bull b. 26 March 2021

5/8 SM 1/4 BR 1/8 AN

(PVF Graduate Alvin 811 - PVF Harper 237)

1 1/2 months old in photo

Simbrah x Beefmaster Bulls

Loading photo of #069...


Simbrah Bull b. 6 March 2022

1/2 SM 3/8 BR 1/8 HH

(RX Cinnamon - PVF Julie Anne Hood 051)

2 months old in photo

Loading photo of #061...


Simbrah Bull b. 23 March 2022

3/8 SM 3/8 BR 1/8 HH 1/8 SS

(Spear 8125 AKA Sharp - PVF Cinnamon Calina 627)

1 1/2 months old in photo

Loading photo of #068...


Simbrah Bull b. 19 April 2022

1/4 SM 3/8 BR 1/4 HH 1/8 SS

(PVF Shock & Awe 841 - BCRC Tallulah Hood 015)

2 1/2 weeks old in photo

Loading photo of #030b...


Simbrah Bull b. 17 May 2022

1/4 SM 3/8 BR 1/4 HH 1/8 SS

(PVF Shock & Awe 841 - PVF Sharp Carrie 030)

1 day old in photo

Commercial Bulls

Loading photo of #174...


Commercial 1/2 Beefmaster x 1/2 Simbrah Bull b. 26 November 2021

(Genesis 049 - PVF Choice Charisma 904)

5 1/2 months old in photo

Already weaned - loves feed and getting his head scratched

Loading photo of #246...


Commercial 3/4 Beefmaster x 1/4 Angus Bull b. 18 March 2022

(Spear 8125 AKA Sharp - PVF Alyssa 901)

1 1/2 months old in photo

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Last Updated 4 July 2022